Frankfurter Str. 59

Frankfurter Str. 59 has fallen into the hands of our association in 1994 for 66 years under the standards of a building lease contract with the state of Hessen. There are three shared flats in the front house with nine students. 2 houses are in the backyard, Frankfurter Str. 59A and 59B, in each house live 4 students.

The buildings in Frankfurter Str. 59 and 59A have been fundamentally sanified and updated in 1993/94. The funding for the project came from conveyors from the Hessian ministry for science and art with an advancement of DM 500.000,- and through a loan by SWH with DM 188.500,-.

The building at Frankfurter Str. 59B joined in on 01.03.2003 after an extensive reconstruction of the barn into an apartment which was provided to a group of 4 people as a shared flat. This undertaking was financed through our own capital and through another loan. During the time of 2003 there was no chance of conveyors by the city or the state.

The comparatively low rent is only possible through the voluntary participation of the inhabitants and the management and upkeep of their own living space.

Basic information about the project:


  • Connection to the long distance heating of the city
  • installation of a thermal solar panel
  • installation of a rain water utilization facility
  • insulation on the inside of the outer walls
  • Conversion to cooking gas
  • controlled ventilation with moisture regulated inlet air elements in window frames
  • shared washing machine with connection to the thermal solar panel
  • natural gas powered shared dryer for cloths. (SWH had been installing the first ones and for a long time the only ones of that kind.)


  • low maintenance management structures through integration of members in the cultivation of the estate.
  • monthly house service with responsibilities of monitoring, cleaning and maintenance rotating between shared flat to shared flat.
  • the realized house service is rewarded with a 10% refund of the net rent.
  • technical management by an external engineer’s office
  • yearly or seasonly returning assignments: Subbotnik


  • numerous self oranized elements make members feel part of the project and identify themselves with “our house”
  • reoccuring meetings between flat mates promote the internal exchange


  • The contracts for the shared apartments are tailored for the specific needs of the inhabitants of each flat. ( i.e. staggered notice period