What has to be done by a new flat member?

If you are reading this you were apparently able to get the login data to this site from your brand new shared flat. In the members area and in the individual apartment areas we deposit all important documents for reading and download.

In case you want to move into a SWH administered shared flat, you have to follow this process:

1. Read

Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. You will have to read some important pages now. Besides all the uploaded contracts and agreements in the members area you should definetely read the statutes of SWH and the informations about our work on the homepage. You surely want to know what you are signing after all.

Important: The projects Frankfurter Str. 59 and Wiesenstr. 6 can only be inhabited by students who are immatriculated in a hessian university.

2. Fill in and sign documents

Now you can download the declaration of accession(single), the rental succession agreement (double) and if need be the ecology funds contract, the attachment 3 (double). Then you print it, fill it in and gather the necessary signatures from your flatmates and some board members. Is anything unclear? Then ask your flatmates or ask us.

3. Get to know us

Meanwhile you have informed yourself about the appointments for the next meeting of members. You can simply swing by – before you move in – and bring all necessary and filled in and signed documents. After all open questions have been answered and we have gotten to know each other a little bit we will receive you into our association and sign all your documents in the name of SWH.

4. transfer the deposit

Before you move in you transfer the agreed upon share of the deposit for the apartment to the account of SWH.

5. Move-in day

On the first day of your move-in the apartment will be handed to you by us where we document the condition of the room and the rest of the apartment together.

6. You did it!

You are a member of SWH now. You are livin9g in a great SWH- shared flat with other great SWH members. You clean, cool, cook and wash if the case may be with a machine funded by the ecology funds and in general you are all around happy. If not, let us know so we can help you with it.