What has to be done by left over flat members?

If a flatmate has informed you about their decision to move out, you have to follow these steps:

1. Is the termination within the period of notice?

Normally the period of notice in case of the move-out of a person is 6 weeks. This means that the termination has to be handed in until the 15th of the previous month in our office or at the members meeting.

In some older versions of the contract the period of notice is still 4 weeks. In this case you will have to hand in the termination until the end of the previous month.

You are free to set another period of notice with the moving out flatmate as long as the decision is unanimous.

2. The handover:

Generally in the last week before the move out the hand over will happen. A handover protocol will be created and will hold all deficits of the room and apartment and a deadline will be set until those deficits have to be removed. The last part explains why it makes sense to hand over the room before the day of the moving. Are deficits imminent there just won’t be enough time to rectify them before the move in of the new flatmate.

3. out of sight out of mind?

The moving out flatmate is legally bound for all commitments that stem from their membership in the flat and the association. This means that for the following service charge settlement the withdrawing flat member has to pay their part in case of possible additional payments. That means in a reverse argument that you will have to pay your former flatmate part of your possible positive balance. That is why it is so important to get the new adress from your former flatmate.

4. Neues Spiel – neuer Gewinn:

Please care about a new flatmate in time. This is one of your most noble tasks and a chance for a new drive in your flat.

At the project in Frankfurter Str. 59 and Wiesenstr. 6 has to be a new flatmate within the next three months. Otherwise it means that there is an unsufficient occupancy and SWH has to terminate the contracts with the whole shared flat. Should there be any problems with the search for a new flatmate please inform the board members in time about this.

5. Always only students?

There are two reasons why in the shared flats of SWH only students are allowed: It is our associations purpose to care for students and we have to follow this purpose in case of our publicly funded projects Franfurter Str. 59 and Wiesenstr. 6 to comply with the hessian ministry for science and art.