What has to be done by the exiting flat member?

In case you want to move out of your shared flat you have to do the following steps:

1. Inform your flatmates:

It goes without saying that you should firstly inform your flatmates about your decision.

2. Follow the period of notice:

Inform yourself about the period of notice in your lease contract. Normally the period of notice for a person is 6 weeks. This means that your termination has to be handed in to the 15th of the previous month in our office or at the members meeting.

In some older versions of the contract the period of notice is still 4 weeks. In this case you will have to hand in the termination until the end of the previous month.

The membership at SWH doesn’t have a period of notice

3. Terminate in writing:

The termination has to be handed in in writing. This means that we also accept terminations via E-Mail if all requirements are met: The termination has to be sent to vorstand@swh-giessen.de and you have to ask us for an acknowledgment of receipt. As long as you do not have the acknowledgement of receipt you have to assume that the termination did not go through and is thereby not legally binding.

4. Termination of lease contract – stay a member:

The tenancy with SWH and the membership in the association is to be seperated legally. If you terminate your lease contract you can still stay a member of SWH. This also means that your membership in SWH has to be terminated seperately if you really want to do that.

5. What happens with the ecology funds contracts?

With the move out of the shared flat you automatically terminate the contracts for the ecology funds as long as you confirm that with your signature in attachment 3. If you miss to do that, you will still be held accountable for all commitments you have made. Naturally it lies within your interest to not forget your signature there.

6. handing over the room

In time before the move out you make an appointment with us for the hand over. (“in time” means at least 2 weeks in advance. Take notice that this refers to the making of the appointment and not to the appointment itself.)

Generally in the last week before the move out the hand over will happen. A handover protocol will be created and will hold all deficits of the room and apartment and a deadline will be set until those deficits have to be removed. The last part explains why it makes sense to hand over the room before the day of the moving. Are deficits imminent there just won’t be enough time to rectify them before the move in of the new flatmate.

7. When and from whom do I get my deposit back?

You will receive your deposit from SWH. After your move out there might be a delay up to 6 months until the money will be transferred to your account. This depends on the point in time of the last or the next service charge settlement. After your move out you will still be legally bound to pay your auxiliary costs that have been created during the time of your stay in the shared flat.

As you know a part of your shared flats’ payment is used for the auxiliary costs that will be accurately calculated after the completion of the service charge settlement. If there is a positive balance you will be entitled to get part of that money even after your move out. Same goes for an additional payment.

So your deposit will be paid fully only after the handover of the room has happened and no deficits are left over and your part of the service charge settlement has been paid.

8. Is that all now?

Almost! If you move out and take all your things from the basement of the apartment that do not belong to the belongings from your shared flat you will almost have done it. In case we need to contact you we kindly ask you to leave us your new contact information and adress with your former flatmates.